Bridal Shower

This was one definitely one of my favorites so far. This bridal shower was for one of my best friends in LA (the Nikki Beach theme below was for her bday). This was a team effort, with help from her sister in-law and two other ladies, but I was mainly in charge of the decor. We wanted to keep it very classy, but modern at the same time. So our ''theme'' was marble/white/black/gold/silver. Thank you to Sayeh, Goli and Maryam for dealing with my creative vision and bossing around, and to my co-workers at Bonjour Fête for the balloons! 

Christmas Coffee Time

I went home to Norway for Christmas, and I like to invite some of my girlfriends over to the house for coffee, wine or whatever. This time I went for coffee and some sweet treats. My mom is an excellent baker, so she had of course already made some treats, so really the only thing I did to make it ''fit the color scheme'' was the cupcakes and Oreo cookies. I know what you're thinking, that confetti is a hassle to clean up - but if you keep it to one area it really isn't that bad. 

Fall Dinner 

I decided to have a few friends over around Thanksgiving, and wanted to serve something different than a typical thanksgiving meal. So unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the actual food, but I made prosciutto wrapped chicken, shaved Brussels sprout salad, and my friend made an amazing spicy mac'n cheese. The desserts are from Trader Joe's, and they have some amazing pre-made cakes like this ginger spice cake that I was eating for days. My tableware is from Target, and they really have beautiful pieces for a good price. My candle holders and candles are from CB2. The trick is really to make it look effortless, but cozy. 

Tropical 26

This was the second time I've done tropical, and because my birthday is in July, it's an easy go-to if you don't know what theme to go with. It's colorful, summery and fun. This time around I didn't go crazy because I had more limited time to plan because I had come home to Norway 5 days before my birthday, but it turned out, and we had so much fun, and that's all that matters! 

30th Nikki Beach Bash

This party was a dream to plan. First of all, the surroundings and the house was absolutely stunning, so to make it look pretty was not difficult. The birthday girl is one of my closest friends here in LA, so I wanted it to be perfect. We brought Nikki Beach to Malibu, California and it was so much fun.  

Bubble Guppies - 4th Pool Party

This was my first time planning a kids birthday party, and this was so much fun. Especially because it was for my LA fam, and my favorite little buddy Greyson. I actually had been watching his favorite show Bubble Guppies with him, so it was a no-brainer that this would be his choice of theme. Who would've known there was a bounce castle with Bubble Guppies on it?! This under-the-sea theme was perfect by the pool, and you can really let your imagination run free! It was also so much fun creating this with one of my best friends (the mother).

Tropical 30th Bash

Welcome to the ULTIMATE summer party. It's tropical, colorful and all things fun. Even though these beautiful flowers were done professionally by Floral Passion LA, you can play around with flower arrangements and make them your own creations. The desserts was made by Camille B from

Old Hollywood Glamour

This was so much fun to plan. It's one of the more sophisticated themes I've ever done, and the color scheme was also one of my favorites, and that goes for interior design as well. I love old classic movies, and so to imerge that element into a birthday party was so much fun. When going for a "Hollywood" theme, you can go all out! Let your imagination run wild, and you can either go for a sleek and minimalistic vibe, or be as colorful and vibrant as you'd like! Either way, there's no such thing as "too much".

Christmas Snacks

The Holidays are a time for family and friends, and our house is always filled with both. We all know with Christmas, food is a huge part of the tradition, and it's safe to say that you're never hungry for one second. Here are some fun and creative snacks to serve your friends to bring a little X-mas spirit!

Flower Power

A birthday bash in the summer, gives me the opportunity to choose from so many different themes. For my 24th I chose flowers. Its beautiful, colorful and I think my girlfriends where happy about the dress code (who doesnt have a floral dress for the summer season?) For this theme - the sky is the limit! Be creative, you can put flowers on anything and it'll look good. I focused on bright colors and feminine elements.

Disco Fever

Dancing - one of the first words people think about when hearing the word "disco", and they would be right! Disco is all about the lights, glits and glamour on the dancefloor. Glitter, sequins, bright lips and big hair are just a few key elements when throwing a Disco Fever Bash! More is more, there's no such thing as too much glitter.

Your Own Festival

The festival season is not just Coachella or Stagecoach, you can make your own! Either if you have bands or singers perform at your party, or just make a killer playlist, you can bring the festival trend to your own back yard. Wristbands and flower headbands are just a few ideas to give to your guests..

Rave, Dance, Glow

Glowsticks are some of my favorite party accessories! They are so much fun, and your guests will love mixing and matching colors. You can never have enough if you throw a rave birthday bash (believe me, I've done it twice) the brighter colors you can find, the better! Especially if you can find anything neon or that glows in the dark. The dress code is playful, very casual and laid back - your guests will appreciate this if you (like me) have various games planned for the night.

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